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Historical Treaties



This guide is intended to be a supplement to the Law Library’s comprehensive Guide to Treaty Research. The advice contained in that guide should also be observed when researching older treaties. While pre-1949 treaties used to be very difficult to find in electronic format, many of the treaty collections and finding aids described in this guide are now available from HeinOnline's World Treaty Library or U.S. Treaties and Agreements Library. Where electronic versions are not available or preferred, the Diamond Law Library's vast print historical treaty collection can be consulted.

Finding Aids

Getting Starting with Treaty Research

Finding the official full-text sources for a treaty can be a tricky endeavor. The best way to start your search for a treaty is to consult one of the following indexes or finding aids to find the relevant citation for your treaty.

Finding Aids

To use these resources in print, search the title of the finding aid in Pegasus.

Treaty Sources

Treaty Sources

  • Series 1 contains 20 volumes covering 1494-1874.
  • Series 2 contains 35 volumes and one General Tables volume (with both chronological and alphabetical tables) covering treaties from 1776-1907.
  • Series 3 contains 41 volumes along with 3 volumes of indexes covering treaties from 1799-1935.

These sources are kept in an offsite storage facility. Please contact the Reference Department if you think you need to consult one.

Specialized Sources

U.S. - Indian Treaties

Electronic (Only) Sources