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Games at the Columbia Law Library

Board Games at the Law Library

The Law Library has paired with the CLS Board Game Club to offer you the chance to check out board games for use at your next game night!

Here is the full list of the games available to borrow in Pegasus, the law library catalog. Be sure to check back often as we continue to grow our collection!

Three things to keep in mind when checking out games:

  1. Please return the games promptly so they are available for other students and for Board Game Club use.
  2. Please let the Law Library know if you come across any damaged or missing pieces by completing this 4-question form, so we can make sure they are in working order for the next person who wants to play.
  3. If you have something you would like the Law Library to consider purchasing, please complete this super brief Board Game Purchase Suggestion form!

Need Help Deciding What to Pick for Game Night?

Check out the tabs in the top left column to see lists of BoardGameGeek's recommended games based on the number of players you have, how long the game takes to play, and how complex the rules are!

Feeling lucky? Don't have a preference? Try clicking a random sample game from the box on the left to see its BoardGameGeek profile with player reviews! You can also stop by the Reference Office, located across from the Circulation Desk, to browse the available games in person.

Want to dive deeper into the game data? Click here for a complete spreadsheet of our games with all the above information and more!

[PLEASE NOTE: This guide is under active construction - check back often as we add new games and features throughout the semester!]