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Environmental Law Research Guide


Environmental law is a broad and complex area of law consisting of an array of statutes, regulations, agency guidance, and case law at both the federal and state levels. Researching environmental law requires an understanding of the framework and sources that comprise it. This research guide provides information on environmental law research resources available through the Diamond Law Library, as well as resources that are available through the Columbia University Libraries and freely available online resources. There is, of course, an important international component to environmental law, which this research guide does not address. Please see the additional research guides mentioned on this page for information on researching environmental law in an international context.

If you have questions about the content contained in this research guide or need research assistance, please contact the law library's Reference Desk

Getting Started

Westlaw and Lexis maintain robust environmental law collections within their databases. These collections contain primary materials and secondary materials that help researchers obtain background information on various aspects of environmental law.