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Guide to Columbia Law Library Services and Policies

Columbia Law Library's Reference Librarians

Each of the Law Library's reference librarians has a J.D. and a Masters of Library Science. We teach 1L and LL.M. legal research, a seminar in advanced legal research techniques, and offer workshops and research sessions throughout the semester. We assist students, faculty, staff, and other Columbia and public patrons with their reference questions and research projects. 

Mariana Newman

  • I am from: Los Angeles, CA
  • I’ve been a CLS librarian since: 2017
  • I’m interested in: civil rights law, legal history, cooking 
  • Around campus, I recommend: a long walk in Riverside Park

Nam Jin Yoon

  • I am from: Toronto, Canada
  • I’ve been a CLS librarian since: 2019
  • I’m interested in: algorithmic bias, crosswords
  • Around campus, I recommend: Absolute Bagels + Kung Fu Tea

Samantha Lim

  • I am from: Singapore
  • I’ve been a CLS librarian since: 2022
  • I’m interested in: foreign law, dogs
  • Around campus, I recommend: Banh and Mama's Too

Josh Freeman

  • I am from: Portland, OR
  • I've been a CLS librarian since: 2022
  • I'm interested in: urban history, comparative law
  • Around campus I recommend: The Dead Poet

Rebecca Dent

  • I am from:  Foxboro, MA 
  • I've been a CLS librarian since:  2022
  • I'm interested in:  digital divide, special education law, reading 
  • Around campus, I recommend:  treating yourself to a dinner at Pisticci