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International Internet Law

Current Awareness

Politico's Cybersecurity

Like ZDNet below, Politico's cybersecurity subsection publishes news and analysis on policies influencing the technology and industry sectors. Politico, in general, has broader coverage of foreign and international issues. Pro tip: Staying up to date with recent developments is easy with a daily "Morning Cybersecurity" e-mail.

Electronic Frontier Foundation

A civil liberties organization focused wide ranging digital issues ranging from internet privacy to government transparency on internet related issues to battling proposals to turn internet intermediaries into copyright police. There are links to current pending cases that can be filtered to international only cases, text of relevant laws, and further resources presented in the articles posted.

BNA's World Communications Regulation Report

Major topic range from patentability of software and business methods to media law to telecommunications (which include cellphones).

BNA's Computer Technology Law Report

Major topic range from anti-trust to reverse engineering to defective hardware and software liability.

CYB3RCRIM3: Observations on technology, law and lawlessness

This blog by Professor Susan Brenner at the University of Dayton School of Law, covers cybercrime and cyberconflict mainly in the U.S. but with some coverage of the U.K. and Europe.


ZDNet is geared towards professionals in the technology and industry sectors and most of its coverage is U.S. centrist. Due to the expanse of the internet, a topic in the U.S. will likely have foreign and international impact. To stay abreast of developing news in particular areas, use the sitemap to find hot topics and blogs.

SSRN: Legal Scholarship Network (LSN)

Part of the Social Science Research Network (SSRN), the Legal Scholarship Network provides access to the bleeding edge of analysis and theory of the law. Through the free posting and sharing of materials, including conference papers and pre-prints, LSN is an excellent database to find new, and often in depth, discussions of topics in the law.